Frequently Asked Questions


How much will I be paid?

For every time your video is viewed, (every time someone clicks on a thumb of your video, directing them to a player page) you will be paid your proportionate share of the advertising revenue generated on that page. The following outlines the formula used in determining the appropriate percentage you will receive for each video:

  • Standard Definition (under 720p resolution) - 25%
  • High Definition (at least 720p, but under 2160p) - 30%
  • Ultra High Definition (4K/2160p and above) - 35%

The formula is based on the average quality of a video, and is meant to support our goal of displaying high defnition video.

When will I get paid?
Payouts will be sent on a monthly basis and will be sent at the end of the next calendar month for any period where the licensor has generated revenue. For example, revenue for the month of January will be paid out by the end of February.
Is there minimum commitment?
The simple answer is NO. You can join, post 1 video, and never post again, however the power of the system is the ability to generate a mass amount of views to a large number of videos. Think of it as a great place to test the true value of your content to a surfer. Post your videos not just to generate revenue, but to see which are more popular with a sample of millions of porn surfers daily. Use Paid Per View to tell you when you have launched a great scene, or when you have missed the mark. Use Paid Per View to increase the monetization of content that has not been making you money lately, and use it to test new concepts to see how they are received before you blow the budget on shooting an entire new site.
Can posting videos on PaidPerView increase my own sales revenue?
Absolutely! It is a fact, (although many people will attempt to dispute this) that a great number of Tube Users do join pay sites, and do use tubes to help them to sift through content and locate exactly what it is that excites them the most. If you have a pay site that surfers can join to get access to all the videos you put on Paid Per View, or a program with multiple sites that you will promote through Paid Per View, we will promote that site under the video player and drive traffic and sales to your site.
I don't have a site, how can I take advantage of that traffic?
If you have good content, but have never had the opportunity to create a pay site to deliver that content through, contact us, we will build you one, maintain it, process for it, and share the revenue from that as well!
What other benefits are there?
For a long time, we have been trying to give surfers the boring parts of our videos, showing only what we need to in order to get them to come to our site and think about joining it. Imagine if mainstream Movie Trailers did the same, imagine if they showed the boring parts of the movie because they wanted us to pay to see the good stuff, how well would Box Office sales be doing? Show people your absolute best stuff, show them your highlights, use your best quality videos to brand your site, not your worst. If you do this with Paid Per View, you will increase brand awareness, you will generate interest in your content, you will create a fan base, and your business will see positive effects from this.
Is that it?
NO, once you have 8 videos live, we will create your very own Channel for you on PORN.COM, a place where surfers can come and see what you have to offer, where they can see all the videos you have added in one place and really get a good picture of what you can offer them. Your channel page will have a write up about your studio, or your pay site at the top that you can help us develop, as well as a nice big banner directing traffic to your site. Your Channel will be listed on the Channels page which will list all Channels.
Can I refer other studios?
Yes! Happy about how you are doing? Want to get your friends in on the action? But also want to be compensated for it? No problem, if you can refer another Studio / Producer / Pay site, and have them tell us you referred them, we will pay you a referral fee, in perpetuity, of 10% of all the money they earn.
Once my video is up, can I ever get it down?
Of Course, if after awhile, you are not happy with the program for any reason, you can choose to terminate the agreement and we will remove your content.
Can I brand my videos?
Yes, but it must not be ridiculous. The aim here is to generate both advertising revenue, and pay site sales, as well as brand awareness and true fans of your content. So it is absolutely fine to brand your content. However, for our traffic to continue to grow, (giving us the ability to make you more money) we must ensure the quality of the videos, meaning that they cannot have intros or outros that are too long, or misleading, stick to under 15 seconds for both, however our data shows that even 15 seconds will lose you some viewers, as they want to see what they clicked on right away. If you can keep an intro to 5 seconds or less, you will be more successful, outros can be a little longer without affecting viewership. Watermarks are fine, but they must not be huge or intrusive, your watermark should be in the bottom right corner and should not span more than 30% of the videos width. Remember, directly under your video there will be a promo advertising your site with a logo, a description and a link, so the surfer will already know where the content is from lessening the necessity of a watermark.
How do I send you my videos?
Videos are added directly through the PaidPerView uploader which allows you to input all the proper information with respect to your content and provides the most control.
What formats do you support?
We will do all the encoding of the videos, However there are still formats that are easier for us to work with than others. If you are a DVD Producer, we are happy to accept full DVD's shipped to us, or VOB Files, if they are correctly split into scenes, that helps. The best format for us to work with (for all types of content) is .mp4 (MPEG-4 h.264). Other formats we can easily work with are .f4v and .flv (Flash), .mkv, .mpg (mpeg-1 and mpeg-2), .avi and .VOB. Please avoid sending us .WMV or .3gp files.

If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch.

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