PaidPerView introduces a brand new revenue stream for content producers and owners. It allows you to upload your videos to high traffic, legal tube sites and you receive a significant portion of the advertising revenue generated by people viewing your content. PaidPerView will also drive traffic to your paysites via well placed banners and site descriptions while providing a great branding opportunity for your products.

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  • no hosting costs You never have to host a thing, we cover all hosting costs of your content
  • no traffic There's never a need for you to send any traffic to your videos
  • no promotion We take care of thumbs, titles, listing and general promotion of your video
  • Increased Sales Drive targeted traffic to your sites while increasing brand awareness for your products
  • Referral Program Recommend a content partner and we'll give you a percentage of their earnings
  • no hassle PaidPerView allows you to focus on what you do best, producing content
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Recent News

  • September 27thRevenue Has Been Going UP! It's been a while since our last announcement but this news is too good not to post! Our tireless PaidPerView team have been working hard all year trying to monetize and prioritize content placement for its PPV members and we have found out that it is starting to pay off, literally! Earnings to our members have gone up between 135% and 150% across the board since February this year and it has been steadily climbing ever since!

    We have been working on giving PPV members more prominence within's main page as well as our channels sections and it seems to be working. So lets keep the uploads coming and, as always, hit me up if you had any questions or needed any assistance with uploads going forward.

    Glen PaidPerView

  • April 14thVirtual Reality is Here! Content producers have been using the PaidPerView system for years to earn additional revenue from their videos. VR video content is finally accessible to the masses and PaidPerView now makes it quick and easy to generate revenue from your virtual reality content.

    You'll have all the same niche tag and branding options plus an array of new VR settings for your scenes!

    Simply login and upload a new video. If you mark it as "VR" under Production Type, new options will appear. Select from either 180 or 360 degree arcs, and pick the best format and orientation settings for your content.

    Join the VR revolution with PaidPerView and monetize your content like never before!

    The PaidPerView Team

  • January 21stGreat Meeting You! It was great to meet everyone that came out to Internext this year! If you missed us, we will be back at the Phoenix Forum March 26-29th, 2015.


    PaidPerView Team

  • January 5thMeet Us at Internext! Attending Internext in Las Vegas next weekend? The Paid Per View team will be there to discuss anything content related or just to buy you a drink to thank you for your business.

    We have time set to meet with our partners so hit us up.

    The team is available to meet with anyone who wants to, from January 17th until January 20th. Appointment times will run from 10am until 5:30 pm all days of the event.

    Contact us today to arrange a time and place for a meeting. We'll be offering 30 minute or 60 minute time slots, please let us know how long you would like to book when emailing us.

    Regards, The Paid Per View Team!

  • April 15thReminder to Applicants While we welcome all legitimately licensed content holders the application process requires verification that the applicant has the license or ownership rights to upload content.

    If you do not have the rights to your content or will not provide us with a website or documentation to demonstrate this your application will be denied.

    Paid Per View has a zero tolerance policy towards stolen content.

  • December 28thPaxum & Minimum Payouts Thanks to your feedback, beginning today we have added the ability to be paid out via Paxum. If you wish to change your payment option to Paxum simply browse to the "Settings" page, select the Paxum option, enter your Paxum email account and hit Save!

    We have also added the ability to set a minimum payout threshold. These have been defaulted to $100. If you'd like to change your minimum payout please visit the "Settings" page to change this option on your account.

    Thank you to those members who requested this - we listen!

  • December 22ndPaxum To Be Added We are pleased to announce that in the coming week we will be adding Paxum as a payout option. The ability to set your minimum payout for cheque/wire will also be added in the very near future.

    Thank you for your feedback - WE LISTEN!

  • November 20thReferral Link Code To ensure that you will receive a portion of any webmasters you refer to us please provide them with your link code.

    The link code can be found at the bottom of the "Settings" page when you are logged in as a member. You will receive a lifetime 5% commission on earnings.

  • September 5thOfficial Launch PaidPerView is pleased to announce the official launch of it's new content monetization platform, bringing a new way to earn more money to programs and content producers all over the globe. by tapping into several revenue streams, PaidPerView allows content owners to generate more revenue from their content then on competing platforms while helping to create brand recognition and a solid fan base.
  • July 11thPre Launch - Final Testing Begins PaidPerView enters the final stage of testing being the Beta testing of its Web Admin. Several of the pre registrations will be approved during this stage in order to allow users full access to the site and all its functionality. Any feedback, weather positive or negative will be closely monitored and explored in order to ensure a smooth full launch of the product in the very near future.

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